Find A Licensed Electrician in Toronto 

Are you thinking about doing any type of electrical work for either your home or business in and around the GTA? If so then you need to hire an experienced and licensed electrician in Toronto. But before you do you need to to do a bit of investigation. Not all electricians are the same so you need to pick choose one that is right for the work that needs to be done. Small jobs can be handled by a single electrician while larger jobs need to be handled by two or more professionals.

One of the first things you are going to want to verify before you hire anyone is to make sure that the person, or persons, are licensed. In the province of Ontario anyone who wants to do any type of electrical work outside of their own home needs to be licensed. This means that a Toronto electrician will be able you show you a their electrical contractor’s license. In fact this information needs to be displayed on all of their correspondence and advertising. If you do not see this information you might want to raise a few questions.

Quality electrical work is not only a safety issue but it also an insurance issue. If you have any electrical work that is performed by someone who is not licensed and that work results in property damaged, your insurance company may deny you a claim. Even worse, if the work is also the cause of damage to someone else’s property you might be held liable.

A licensed electrician, or electrical contractor, in Toronto will carry liability insurance of at least 2 million dollars as part of their licensing requirements. However if you are looking to hire an electrical contractor for large commercial work that might not be enough coverage. In that case you should ask the electrical some questions regarding the level of coverage they have.

09Sep 2015

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